Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Blog

I've been spending a bit of time lately in Twitter (userid "Mainframe") commenting on stuff. Occasionally, I'd like more that 140 characters to discuss somethings, so time for a blog.

Since I'm interested in a wide variety of things, I will try to properly label my posts so that you can easily find the posts you might be interested in.

Over time, I hope to have some posts about comic books, podcasts, movies, TV, scifi, tech, history, Ubuntu Linux, z/OS (mainframe), AIX, family life, weird news, etc - like I said a lot of different stuff, geeky stuff mainly.

I am a Christian and actually have some personal beliefs and morals. I also do not take myself too seriously. That means whatever you think and believe are pretty much welcome in the blog comments. If I ever want to get preachy or evangelistic, either regarding religion or politics, I promise to create another blog for that. I probably won't, but just wanted you to know.

I spent time in the military (USAF), so you are probably not going to offend me (even if you try). I do not want to offend any of you readers unduly; so if I ever do, let me know and I will probably apologize profusely.

Since I do not want to make this an age restricted blog, I do want to keep the comments G or PG. I'll be moderating your comments solely for that reason.

If you want to send me comments that are aren't all-age appropriate, contact me on Twitter. Check the contact information somewhere else on this site (hopefully) for other ways to contact me.

I hope you enjoy something on this site, and I hope that is is a pleasant diversion for you as you browse into this out of the way place on the Internet.

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