Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Podcasts - The Basics Part 2

So what kind of podcasts do I listen to? A lot. These all fall into many of my areas of interest, you can find podcasts that are more your own tastes. See http://www.podcastpickle.com/ , http://podiobooks.com/ and the podcast area of the iTunes store for good starting places for finding podcasts. Once you start listening to a few, you almost certainly will hear promos in those shows for others you might like.

If you are into Sci-fi/speculative fiction, check out the Parsec Award http://parsecawards.com/ winners and nominees. The competition in most of the categories is such that all the nominees are winners in my book.

Audio Fiction - Novels: Many of these are available at http://podiobooks.com/ . If they are already completed podcast novels, I tend to get the chapters there. If they are in progress, I usually get them from the author's site. The Podiobooks.com version is closer to traditional audio books; the "author's direct" episodes typically include news and banter along with the book content - this is where you get to know the author and learn how to get involved personally.

I listen to all the books from Scott Sigler (http://www.scottsigler.com/), J.C. Hutchins (http://jchutchins.net/), Tee Morris (http://teemorris.com/), Nathan Lowell (http://solarclipper.com/), and Christiana Ellis (http://christianaellis.com/). I also recommend novels by Mur Lafferty (http://murverse.com/), Philippa Ballantine (http://www.chasingthebard.com/), and Seth Harwood (http://sethharwood.com/) - I just haven't listened to ALL their stuff. Again, check out the Parsec Awards nominees.

End of Part 2... Coming soon, Part 3 - More podcasts I listen to.

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